Vacation Notice:

I am currently on vacation and not taking any more orders until after Thanksgiving. The checkout system on my website is currently closed. But that leaves plenty of time to ship your Christmas orders after then. If there is a pen you just must have, you can email me and I will try to save it for you once I return. I also cannot take any more custom orders until then, but then am happy to do so. I appreciate your patience and understanding. This is my peak season, and I hope you will not abandon me during the wait. Thank you!

I create old-time quality handmade pens. Exotic woods, acrylics & horn are used as materials and hand-turned one at a time by me – no two pens are the same. I offer fountain pens and rollerballs in many styles. Take a look at my products and please let me know if you have any custom pen requests - I can craft a unique pen (any type of pen, using either exotic wood, acrylic, or horn as a material) to fit your tastes or suit the personality of your friend, colleague, or family member as a gift. View my handmade pens.

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Take a look below at some of my currently featured handmade pens. Burl wood, leather, acrylic, even circuit boards. There's a pen style for everyone - take a look below and you might just find the pen that "speaks" to you. If not - let me know! I can hand-turn a custom pen just for you.

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Or, click on the Products tab above to see all of the pens (so you don't miss anything!). There are more than 100 pens for sale on this site. Use the Search feature in the upper right corner if you know you are looking for a "wood," "acrylic," "yellow," "blue," (or whatever) pen.

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